The Spy Health Joy Rodak: Differences Between Physical And Occupational Therapy

Joy Rodak: Differences Between Physical And Occupational Therapy

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Physical and occupational therapists evaluate and treat patients with physical disabilities, helping them regain movement and strength. Both therapeutic professions focus on improving a patient’s quality of life, but there are some key differences between the two. For that, Joy Rodak will discuss how these two therapeutic specialties differ.

Physical Therapy Focuses On Improving Mobility And Strength

Physical therapy is a treatment focused on improving mobility and strength. Physical therapists are highly trained to help patients recover from injury or surgery, improve their quality of life through exercises that strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and range of motion, and prevent falls and balance problems.

Aside from that, physical therapists also work with patients who have injuries, such as arthritis or chronic pain – in addition to those who need help regaining movement due to paralysis or other conditions like stroke recovery.

Occupational Therapy Focuses On Helping People With Their Disabilities

Occupational therapists mainly work with people who have physical, intellectual, or emotional disabilities to help them develop skills that allow them to be more independent. They may work in hospitals, schools, and private practice.

Occupational therapy also focuses on helping different people with disabilities live as independently as possible. Occupational therapists use a variety of techniques including creating activities that encourage movement and supporting independence by teaching patients how to do things for themselves.

Physical Therapists Have A Bachelor’s Degree In A Related Field

Joy Rodak Physical therapists have a bachelor’s degree in any related wellness field, such as exercise physiology, kinesiology, and more. These professionals can also have a master’s degree in physical therapy (MPT).

For that matter, the minimum education requirement for physical therapists is an undergraduate degree in kinesiology or exercise physiology but those with a master’s degree will likely be able to earn higher salaries than those who only hold an undergraduate degree.

Occupational Therapists Have The Master’s Degree Required In The Field

Occupational therapists work with patients who have been injured and need help regaining the lost or damaged movement. Occupational therapy is a specialty within physical therapy – therefore, occupational therapists must complete a master’s degree in occupational therapy from an accredited program before they can practice.

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