The Spy Service Black Skirting Boards: Adding Drama to Your Interiors

Black Skirting Boards: Adding Drama to Your Interiors

Black Skirting Boards: Adding Drama to Your Interiors post thumbnail image

When it comes to beautifying and redesigning our homes, we often neglect the significance of skirting boards. However, skirting boards can produce a significant difference to the overall cosmetic of a place whilst servicing useful purposes including protecting surfaces and trying to hide undesirable wires or pipework. In the following paragraphs, we shall assist you through everything you should know about skirting boards, from picking the right style to fitted them.

Forms of Skirting Boards:

There are several kinds of skirting boards accessible, with each one includes its own distinctive features. The most famous materials include MDF, pine, and oak, and those can be obtained from different dimensions. The most prevalent kinds of skirting boards involve ogee, torus, and bullnose, which could add personality to some room. After you have decided upon the sort of skirting board you want, then you can pick the right fashion, dimensions, and finish to match your design.

Gauging and Fitted:

Prior to buying your skirting boards, it’s important to look at the area to make sure you hold the appropriate span and amount of boards. When you have the specifications, you can purchase the skirting boards and then any additional tools you may need, including saws, adhesives, or drills. Fitting skirting boards is pretty simple, but it’s essential to ensure they may be level and direct. Invest some time and make sure you’re satisfied with the location well before obtaining the panels in place.

Routine maintenance and Proper care:

To help keep your skirting boards searching their very best, it is crucial that you maintain them regularly. MDF skirting boards are super easy to neat and may be wiped downward having a humid cloth. Wooden skirting boards, however, require a little bit more care. It is essential to avoid using drinking water when washing oak or pine skirting boards, since this might cause problems. Rather, use a gentle cloth to get rid of dust particles and soil and use a wood wax to help safeguard the timber.

Enhanced Types:

If you’re seeking to change your skirting boards and put a lot more persona in your space, there are several methods to accomplish this. Consider adding a etched or beaded layout to your skirting board, or building a two-sculpt impact by using a painted base area and a tarnished best. You can also put lighting behind your skirting boards to create a smooth, ambient shine inside a space while also highlighting the skirting board’s intricate details.

Advantages of Skirting Boards:

Not only do skirting boards put persona and charm to a area, they also serve a useful objective. They safeguard wall space from furniture scuffs and damage, hide unattractive cables and piping, and can even function as a obstacle against draughts and chilly atmosphere. By purchasing the correct skirting board, you can experience a milder and more classy home.


To summarize, window sill might appear to be a compact detail, however they can make a significant impact on the general seem of your property. By selecting the best sort, measuring and installing correctly, preserving and looking after your skirting board, and in many cases modernizing the design and style to match your furnishings, you will enjoy the countless benefits that skirting boards have to offer.

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